Thursday, April 2, 2009

Creating an SSIS Data Source Connection to MySQL

Its a big problem for SSIS beginners, working with MySQL database, just think that you want to connect with MySQL db and you dont get its provider anywhere in the list of providers. (even i trapped in this situation )

Here's how to create an SSIS data source connection to MySQL:

1. Download and install the MySQL Connector ODBC 6.0.
2. Create a new DSN through Windows Data Sources (ODBC)
3. Create a new SSIS ADO.NET connection that uses the .NET Providers\Odbc Data
Provider based on the DSN name created in step-2

4. In your Data Flow, use a DataReader Source that uses the ADO.NET connection
created in step-3.

5. Add a select statement to the SqlCommand property of the DataReader source that
specifies the columns to extract from the table you need to read data from.

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