Monday, March 30, 2009

Customizing .Net Providers for MySQL with ASP.Net

.Net providers are very important and powerful tools which can be efficiently used for user registration, authentication and authorisation.

By default they are configured with MS-SQL, and if you wanna use them with MySQL then its a trick since the inbuilt providers of MySQL themsleves have many bugs.

So in order to use .Net providers with MySQL DB you need to customize them.

1) You need to modify the sections for membership provider and role provider in your web.config or machine.config (i prefer to modify them in web.config since they can be easily deployed on the server)

2) You need to modify the connection string for all providers to point to your MySQL DB and add a tag -- autogenerateschema="true" so that required table would be generated automatically with default structure.

3) Write code behind logic for all the operations with the provider tables (what the original .Net provider does)

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