Thursday, August 30, 2012

WCF Interview Question

What are the various ways of hosting a WCF service?

How do we host a WCF service in IIS?

What are the advantages of hosting WCF Services in IIS as compared to self-hosting?

What are the major differences between services and Web services?

What is the difference WCF and Web services?

What is one-way operation?

Can you explain duplex contracts in WCF?

How can we host a service on two different protocols on a single server?

Can you explain transactions in WCF?

What different transaction isolation levels provided in WCF?

What is a poison message?

What is service and client in perspective of data communication?

What is address in WCF and how many types of transport schemas are there in WCF?

What are the important principles of SOA (Service oriented Architecture)?

What are ends, contract, address, and bindings?

Which specifications does WCF follow?

What are the main components of WCF?

Explain how Ends, Contract, Address, and Bindings are done in WCF?

What is a service class?

What is a service contract, operation contract and Data Contract?

How to define a service as REST based service in WCF?

What is the address formats of the WCF transport schemas?

What is Proxy and how to generate proxy for WCF Services?

What are different elements of WCF services Client configuration file?

What is Transport and Message Reliability?

How to configure Reliability while communicating with WCF Services?
What are meta MAX attributes in WCF?
How to return an exception from WCF to the client?
What is the use of Message Inspector in WCF?

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